Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ant the Armadillo

Hey everyone! Meet Ant, the armadillo. I'll be animating him 'till the end of the semester. 

I also decided to include almost all of the concept sketches that went into making him! You can see my process here.

Our teacher encouraged us to try an abstract approach to character design, so I first drew some scribbles and went hunting for armadillos...

Then I did some freehand drawings based on the ones above...

Aaaaand then I just kept developing him until I arrived at his current design:

Anyway, I've become really emotionally attached to this little fella.. I even made GIFs of him...

These were all legitimate color scheme ideas I had for him before my teacher stopped me... Thank goodness he did.

I don't know why I find so much amusement in this one. I guess I just kind of like seeing him sad. 


  1. 这非常的棒。(我英文不行,只能用中文了。囧)

    1. 没关系! 我能读简单的中文。谢谢你啊!

  2. Lucy you are amaazinnggg <3!
    hehe excuse my creeping
    but i really love looking at your artwork!!