Friday, October 24, 2014

DFA Stuff

DFA (short for Drawing for Animators) is pretty much like a visdev class for us. By far my favorite class :)

Here's our most recent assignment, which was a self-caricature:

(Not sure why it's gray-looking. I know blogger has a weird issue with not preserving the colors of uploaded images... bummer.)

Here are some explorations of my self-caricature...

 I wanted my self-caricature to look like a video game avatar since we're bringing these designs into 3D next semester and I wanted to do something more stylized in Maya. So, I had to sacrifice some of my likeness to achieve this affect, but this was still a lot of fun!

We also had to do a celebrity caricature. Here's mine. Guess who?

I did some other drawings, but this one was my favorite out of all of them. 

Here's also the first assignment this year, which was the design lab. We had to generate characters out of abstract silhouettes, doodles, textures, and random prompts.

I've never done such hardcore and realistic rendering before, so this was a lot of fun! I will probably try to do more realistic shading in the future as good practice and to be more applicable to 3D, since I tend to stylize my paintings in a way that makes the forms go flat.

That's all I've got for now. I have some fanart and personal art I might upload later, too. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Oh no, not more fanart....
I promise one of these days I'll work on my actual portfolio....

On the flip side, this was supposed to be a study in stylizing facial profiles and also in lighting/color, so I guess this was still productive in the sense that I learned a lot! I just can't put it in my portfolio.... (can you tell I'm already panicking about internships?)

Here's a little process GIF, too! These are super fun to make.

I've got some stuff from school to upload too, so be on the lookout for that in the next few days...

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Yesterday I finally got around to scanning my sketchbook, so here are some of my favorite pages!

These were from dinner...

I did these at the figure drawing nights at the society of illustrators :D

I drew my dragons from this farmville-esque How To Train Your Dragon facebook game I've been addicted to! These were kinda old and I have a ton more dragons now, so I might add them in when I have the time...

Some random character designs...

And this is a doodle page from when I was at my internship! I might have mentioned it in an earlier post, but I worked on a commercial for Play-Doh, so I'd doodle the characters from time to time to get into the mood. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old School Figures

Many of my close friends know that my least favorite class of all time is concept. I hate doing homework for that class so much that I will often become extremely productive in other aspects. For example, tonight, I decided that I would rather stay up an extra hour photographing my drawings from my Intermediate Figure class that I took last semester than finish the remaining 3 pictures needed for my concept homework.

I wish I had more to post, but a lot of my drawings from this class tended to blend together and look similar. I also had a lot of struggles with proportions and drawing hands, so I decided to leave anything out that I wasn't really really proud of.

Intermediate figure is a pretty rigid and academic class where you have to stick to what you see in front of you, so my drawings aren't as fun and loose as the ones from my freshman figure drawing class. BUT! I think it's really important to build up a foundation by drawing really academically before you try to exaggerate. So I think this class was extremely valuable and I'd take it again if I could! And I can definitely see that I have a much stronger understanding of anatomy and muscle than I did freshman year. 

Anyway, I should get back to finishing my concept homework. But first, I'm gonna doodle in my sketchbook for a bit......

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four-Dimensional Streetview

Alright, I definitely worked waaay too hard on this considering it was for a liberal arts class. But I was reeeaaally itching to do some digital painting!

This was for my creative geometry class... We had to create a piece of artwork that portrayed the fourth dimension in some way. I decided to paint a four-dimensional version of a google streetview location!

The fourth dimension is often interpreted as different things but in artwork the most common interpretation is movement/time. A lot of cubism is based on this philosophy as well, and many cubism paintings (especially the earlier ones) are meant to portray multiple views of the same object, since it implies that the subject is moving and that we'd be able to see multiple views at the same time.

Cubism influenced the world of animation, too! I based this entire painting's style off of Eyvind Earle's work, especially this picture:

Looking at his piece, I could've stylized things waaaaay more, but I think it's a pretty decent first try (and considering that I powered through all of this in one sitting)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This was a little drawing from life I did of the view I have of my workplace. It was definitely a huuuge challenge though, not just because of artistic reasons but also technology-wise. The tablet I used at work had crazy high pressure sensitivity levels so I had to press really hard all the time, plus I was using a computer that had two monitors, so the cursor was also VERY sensitive to any left-and-right movement. Needless to say, it wasn't a lot of fun and my wrist hurt for hours afterwards... Top that off with the fact that the colors were off on the computer I was using at work and you have a bit of a nightmare. 

With all that aside, this was fun exercise to work on, but my colors have definitely gotten weaker since I've stopped having the time to paint traditionally, so I'm slowly trying to build them back up... So I'm not proud of this drawing at all but it was good practice and I hope I can keep improving from here on out. 

In terms of work... it's been a lot of fun! We're almost done with the current project! I don't know if it'll be online anywhere for me to share but I'll probably add it to my reel eventually. It's funny because there was only one other long-term member working on this project (plus a few freelancers), so my co-workers all joked that this commercial was basically my summer project... Hahaha. 

Anyway, I wrote a lot more than I usually do, so I'm sorry about that! But I thought I'd let everyone know what I'm up to. :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Hiro 6

I drew some fanart for this movie since I think the main character's really cute! I'm also trying out a new style that I really like--I think I'll stick to it in the future.